Name change of a child

Name Change of a Child

Do I need to notify the biological father of my child if I want to change my child’s name? The simple answer is yes. The Texas Family code requires that a “parent” of the child, whose rights have not been terminated, must be served with citation. Typically, Williamson County Family Attorneys will file a petition […]
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Williamson County Attorney

Social Media Effects on Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Social media: A source of marital conflict and evidence in child custody and divorce lawsuits. Social media may help you make new friends, communicate/connect with old friends and family, network, or communicate with people with similar interests. Social media use may also contribute to divorce, and social media posts can also provide important evidence during […]
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protective order

Answers to Common Protective Order Questions

What is a protective order? How does a protective order work? What can it do or not do? When does a protective order work and when does it not work? Lastly, who can request a protective order? As an Attorney that has an office located in Williamson County, Texas, I have heard my fair share of answers […]
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