Grandparent Rights in Williamson County

There are many misconceptions about grandparent rights and many alternatives available to non-parent relatives in child custody cases. The available options depend on the type of request, and the manner and time the child custody case has been filed. Grandparent Rights to Conservatorship of Children We will discuss circumstances where non-parent relatives (in this case […]
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Child Custody - children playing with water

Basics of Child Custody

When dealing with child custody, it is necessary to look at the situation as a whole of what is in the child’s best interest. Sometimes, when people are dealing with a child custody case, they get so involved with the details that fail to see what is in the child’s best interest. As an attorney, […]
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Name change of a child

Name Change of a Child

Do I need to notify the biological father of my child if I want to change my child’s name? The simple answer is yes. The Texas Family code requires that a “parent” of the child, whose rights have not been terminated, must be served with citation. Typically, Williamson County Family Attorneys will file a petition […]
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Williamson County Child Support

In Texas one or both parents may be obligated to pay Williamson County child support. The obligation to pay, the amount, and the party reasonable for the child support is determined by the court. Your Williamson County child support case may be heard in front of a district judge, county court judge or the associate […]
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